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PICO Values

What We Believe

PICO believes that the diversity of faith traditions that has formed our organization share the desire to act together to make our communities and our countries better places to live.

PICO believes in the potential for transformation—of people, institutions, and of our larger culture—and the power of people of faith to lead this transformation.
PICO believes that people should have a say in the decisions that shape their lives. Through their own efforts, they can make a real difference for themselves and their communities.
PICO believes that people know best what their families and communities need and that their voices need to be at the center of decision-making by public officials and governments. One of our basic principles is “never do for others what they can do for themselves.” Ordinary people, with support and training, can take extraordinary steps to improve the quality of life for their communities.
PICO believes that when people have power they can shape the things that are important to their families and their communities, and that one way to have power is to build strong, broad-based, non-partisan organizations.
PICO believes that government has a vital responsibility in improving society, but that people themselves can act to make sure that policies and resources address real needs and are equitable.
PICO believes that family is a core value that motivates participation in public life and that across economic levels most families share common concerns that bring them together, including economic security, physical safety, good housing, health care, clean water, and education.
PICO values the racial, ethnic, gender, religious and regional diversity that has shaped our organization.