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Join Our Campaign! Help The People Of El Salvador Get Clean Water!

Join our campaign! Help the people of El Salvador get clean water!

“We are marching for a law to make sure government does not privatize water. We are marching for a constitutional amendment that makes water a basic human right. Because the government is not working for us, we have to build the power to make these changes.”  Jose Reyes, COFOA leader.

COFOA (Communities of Faith Organized for Action), the PICO International effort in El Salvador, is living out the legacy of Saint Oscar Romero. Fighting for the rights of the poor and powerless, COFOA works with churches and communities across El Salvador. Leadership teams are involving thousands of citizens to make government meet the needs of ordinary people. With support from people like you, they will win this fight for water.

Please help COFOA complete their campaign for water access. Every dollar you give will be matched by a generous friend of PICO International. Imagine what your gift can do!

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