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Help Raise $2,000 for a New Kiln for Nyange Women to Launch their Roofing Tile Business

For five years, women in Nyange have made bricks and roofing tiles by hand to build homes for the poorest widows in their village. With the help of the Engineers without Borders Club at Santa Clara University, they now have a clay mixer and a tile press to make the process more efficient. Now we need to raise $2,000 to buy the materials for a kiln to fire the roofing tiles. The local government has agreed to provide the land, a Swiss engineering company will supervise the kiln construction, and the women will provide labor to build the kiln. Funding will allow this women’s cooperative to begin selling quality roofing tiles to supplement their subsistence farming income.

Pastor John began work with the women of Nyange five years ago, teaching them to organize their own small resources. Their first project was to build homes for the poorest women in their village. They secured land and permits from local government to begin the tile making enterprise. PICO-Rwanda training in Nyange has been supported by generous individuals in Chicago who formed the Nyange Donor Circle.

Can you join these Santa Clara and Chicago partners by making a donation TODAY toward the $2,000 we need to help the Nyange women start their tile-making business?

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