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COFOA Demands Action To Prevent Privatization Of Water

COFOA demands action to prevent privatization of water

On Sunday, October 14, Salvadoran Bishop Oscar Romero was declared a saint by Pope Francis. Bishop Romero was a leader against poverty and social injustice and was assassinated in 1980. Comunidades de fe Organizadas para Accion (COFOA) is answering the call of Bishop Romero, fighting injustice on many fronts. Right now, they are working with communities throughout El Salvador for clean water. 90% of rivers in El Salvador are contaminated. The majority of big corporations do not have water treatment plants and continually dump toxic waste into waterways.  In 2018, the resurgent right wing parties have attempted to take control of the levers that administer delivery of water.  Now, the people of El Salvador are fighting back against the privatization of their most valuable natural resource. Won’t you help?

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