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Two hundred years ago, Haitians birthed the spirit of self-determination and self-reliance with the only successful slave revolt in the hemisphere. The country has been under assault ever since. For four years, leaders of OPODNE have worked to destroy a culture of corruption and dependency and re-birth Haiti’s promise.  When dedicated leaders persevere, they make a huge difference for the common good.

In Capotille, the peanut co-op on hold for a year because of drought has restarted and now 10 acres have been tilled to plant bananas, expecting their first harvest in 2018. In Mombin Crochu, the World Bank withheld a $100,000 grant because there was no elected Haitian government. In the interim, they managed a micro-lending project, lending funds to farmers to buy seed and to women selling goods at the public market. In Caracol, 40 leaders started a vegetable co-op. On unused land and with seed capital from OPODNE, they are raising carrots, cabbage, squash and beans. They have a contract to sell their produce to the local school providing a healthy diet and generating income. Each project hopes to expand next year.

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