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2017 Highlights - Rusumo Leaders Win National Award For Community Building Efforts


This year, PICO Rwanda celebrated 10 years of successful work. Twenty-three years after the genocide, PICO is helping Rwandans fulfill its vision for economic development and women’s empowerment. Leaders are modeling a democratic approach that claims space for ordinary people to name their priorities, organize their communities, and hold government officials accountable.

In March 1000 people gathered to dedicate the Rusumo Health Clinic.  Catholic, Muslim, and Adventist leaders united to overcome government resistance and provide the thousands of hours of labor to complete the clinic. When they received the national “Umuganda” award for community service, Rusumo leader Francois Rushagaza said, “This clinic came at the right time. The number of people that come here is incredible. After working with PICO, I understand the importance of skills and helping others in a community and society.” This year leaders plan to bring water to the clinic, establish a maternity ward, and build an elementary school.

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