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Two hundred years ago, Haitians birthed the spirit of self-determination and self-reliance with the only successful slave revolt in the hemisphere. The country has been under assault ever since. For four years, leaders of OPODNE have worked to destroy a culture of corruption and dependency and re-birth Haiti’s promise.  When dedicated leaders persevere, they make a huge difference for the common good.

For four years, Florice Tyrell and other leaders in Terrier Rouge dreamed about starting a restaurant. Political instability and elections marred by violence in their town prevented leaders from securing needed funds. Without any financial assistance, leaders organized monthly community cleanups. The town, once so inundated by trash and debris that flood channels were blocked, is now clean and a source of pride. This gave them the confidence to open a household goods wholesale cooperative, marketing to small entrepreneurs in the community. Generating profit for the co-op and its members, leaders plan to return to their dream of a restaurant next year.

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