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Two hundred years ago, Haitians birthed the spirit of self-determination and self-reliance with the only successful slave revolt in the hemisphere. The country has been under assault ever since. For four years, leaders of OPODNE have worked to destroy a culture of corruption and dependency and re-birth Haiti’s promise.  When dedicated leaders persevere, they make a huge difference for the common good.

“When Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Marie hit, we did not lose hope. When cholera struck, we helped our neighbors. When government is not there for a big crisis or daily needs, we figure out what we can do for ourselves. As OPODNE leaders, we have stuck together for three years. We are determined to be the change we need,” says OPODNE President Jean Mirvil. This year, OPODNE seeded another economic development cooperative, a vegetable farm, in Caracol.  OPODNE’s goal in 2018 is to seed projects in all 11 communities in the Northeast Department.


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