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COFOA also celebrates 10 years of work. The people of El Salvador continue to struggle with the legacy of war – violence, extortion, and fear. Political polarization results in continued repression, patronage, and corruption. Many people respond by hiding or fleeing.  COFOA leaders are choosing another path – organizing to build a culture and practice where people are determining their own priorities, seeking partnership, and holding officials accountable to the common good.

Thousands of people were resettled by the Salvadoran government on land that was made available after the war. Many never received clear title to their property.  COFOA leaders are at the forefront to advance national legislation to make sure that 183 families in Galilee gain legal title to their properties. For the past year, leaders have organized and pressed government officials to formulate and advance the legislation required to untangle this mess. Victory means residents will own property valued at $1.4 million.


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